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    About us
      Yueqing City Shen anti-explosion-proof electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of explosion-proof electrical fixtures, the explosion-proof electrical branch member unit of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, the company since its inception, that focus on quality, innovation, focusing on the products of the advanced nature of the technology, focusing on science and technology talentand quality of staff training, the establishment of a comprehensive quality assurance system.
      The company’s products in strict accordance with the national standard design, manufacture, inspection. And achieved proof certificate issued by the country refers to the home inspection agency. And obtained national industrial production permit issued by the General Administration of State Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. Products in the country in recent years, random checks are qualified. The chairman of the board bring all staff to meet new competitive challenges, determined to cast into the "Shen anti-explosion-proof technology-led explosion-proof new product brands.
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